Sunday, November 17, 2013

MAC Summer Haze Eye Shadow Giveaway

I've been blogging for nearly 4 years now and started out with more fashion focused content. In the last two years my interests have shifted a little more towards beauty and the content of this blog has changed to reflect that. I still very much love fashion and I'm happy to report that after completing a two year fashion program  in April I am now working in the industry. I have been a bit inconsistent with my posting in the last few weeks because I come home slightly tired and now that I don't have to worry about homework my weekends have been jam packed with fun activities (like cranberry festivals!) which has left less time for blogging. With that being said I have no intentions of stopping as I truly love my little space on the internet and I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway to show my appreciation for those of you who keep coming back. Up for grabs is a brand new MAC Summer Haze eye shadow and the giveaway is open world wide. Please enter below!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Insta-Life #14 Niagara

Visiting a local winery / Found the hair piece I wore for my first communion at my parents house / The Niagara River from the Queenston Heights lookout / The most Canadian coat you could possibly own (I have a thing for Bay stripes)  / Clotted Cream Cranberry Scone from The Irish Tea House in Niagara-On-The-Lake / The best $12 I have ever spent (Now I just need an occasion to wear my new little hat out) / Enjoying the autumn colours along the Niagara Parkway / Trying to get the perfect leaves shot / Take 2

What did you do last weekend?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

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The other day an old copy of Fashion magazine somehow ended up on my desk so I decided to flip through the pages even though I am usually not a fan of Canada's (supposednumber one fashion magazine. Forgetting the fact that I'm not a fan, I always feel like half the fun of magazines is looking at all the ads which are usually just as interesting as the articles and editorials. As I was flipping the pages one of the ads caught my attention and I actually stopped and wrote the name of the product on a postit and stuck it in my purse. The flip-stopping product was Chanel's (newish) Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder. I ended up googling it on my lunch break which led to the decision that I should take a trip to my closest Chanel counter to see it in person. Once I decide a product warrants a trip to the closest counter that usually means trouble. Off to the counter I went with a skip in my step (hello, it's Chanel after all) to  swatch the powder. Lets just say I was pretty much sold at first sight but a friendly sales associate approached me and said he wanted to show me how to use it so I happily took a seat in the makeup chair and let him do his thing. After applying the powder he decided I needed some blush and lip gloss and I felt like a whole new woman. 

 I bought it in the colour B10 which is a perfect match for my skin tone. When they say "healthy glow" the truly mean it. The powder is finely milled and very sheer so it does not provide any coverage but it leaves the skin with the most beautiful glow that is so difficult to describe. It's not shimmery or glittery in the slightest but it gives the skin a gorgeous sheen. It is best used with a dense kabuki brush and should be buffed into the skin in circular motions but I sometimes like to use the brush that came with the compact too. The bristles are surprisingly soft for a compact brush (but not for Chanel) and it makes applying on the go a breeze. What is your go to powder?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Clinique Chubby Sticks "Whole Lotta Candy"

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The moment Clinique released their Chubby Sticks (forever ago) I wanted to try them but for some odd reason I only just got around to seeing what they were all about. Sure, I had swatched them on one of my many leisurely strolls through Sephora but I had never made a purchase because there was always something higher up on my wish list that ended up winning the checkout battle. I also tend to go for more inexpensive lip products because they always seem to get lost in the bottom of my handbag and I'm not big on reapplying throughout the day (I'm more into lip balm). With that being said, I thought it was about time I tried the very trendy lip crayon, especially now that all brands from Bourjois to Rimmel are making their own versions. Starting with the original seems fitting, no?

I got three mini versions in the shades Two Ton Tomato, Voluptuous Violet and Pudgy Peony. I think my favourite of the bunch is Two Ton Tomato but all three are beautiful and wearable shades for someone with pale skin like me. They are extremely easy to apply and are quite low maintenance and I get a couple hours of wear time out of them. I think that these are great for those who don't love the work it can take to make a brighter lipstick look good and prefer a sheerer wash of colour although these are still quite pigmented so you won't be left disappointed like some tinted balms have a tendency to do. What are your favourite lip crayons?
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