Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birds Nest Organic Leaf Wrap Ring by Poetic Designs

I love this birds nest ring by Poetic Designs. I love the whimsical feel of the ring. Also, I am a fan of large rings that are unique and stand out and this is definitely a statement piece. I have never seen a ring like this before. I can definitely see myself wearing this and I am sure that it would be noticed. I would probably wear this with a simple top and jeans. I would want the focus to be on the ring so the simpler the clothes the better so the ring can shine.

You can visit Poetic Designs online shop here

What do you think?

Photos: Poetic Designs


  1. beautiful ring! i love it!


  2. wow, gorgeous. i just might have to get one as well! & then we can be blog twins :]

  3. So pretty! Thanks for commenting on my post; I see that we both share a love for unique rings!

    ~Robyn, Chi-Chi 


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