Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Botkier Howard St. Satchel

This black cowhide Botkier Howard St. Satchel is gorgeous. I love the shape of the bag and the size is perfect. Big enough for all my crap. Yes, I said crap. I carry around ridiculous things in my bag. If I took the time to clean out and edit what I carried I wouldn't need such a big bag. But, I am lazy, so I need a big bag. I love the zipper detailing that runs down the side of the bag. I love the top handles as well, they are the perfect length for wearing on the shoulder or in the crook of my arm. The extra strap is also pleasing to the eye and practical. This bag is a winner and I want it. I want it now.

What do you think?

Photos: Botkier.com


  1. I saw that bag at the Bay, it was love at first sight. sigh - the price tag made me sad, BUT i WANT it too. Great taste :P


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