Friday, February 12, 2010

Diane Von Furstenberg Marco Beaded Jacket

I currently have a thing for jackets. A great jacket can make you look put together and sophisticated, even if you are not really trying. Sometimes, they are also essential depending on the weather. If you have to wear a jacket let's make it a great one. I am so in love with this Diane Von Furstenburg beaded jacket. I love how the colours all work together. It's neutral but it also pops. The proportion is perfect with the bottom hitting just at the hips. I also really like the croppeed sleeve. Perfect for spring. The close up photo shows how detailed the beading is. From far away you can't really tell how much work went into the beading in the jacket. Up close, beautiful! I would probably wear this with jeans, heels and a plain tee-shirt. The star of the show really is the jacket so we have to let it shine.

Photos: ShopBop


  1. This is really a beautiful jacket, I like your idea of jeans and a tee. I think I might piggy back on your blog and do a post on a jacket being an essential accessory piece.

  2. great jacket! thanks for tweeting me!


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