Saturday, February 13, 2010

Micha Design

The brains behind Micha Design is Micha Kuechenhoff. She wasn't always a jewelry designer. A client from her days as a professional organizer was throwing out old jewelry and she decided to play around with it. People loved the necklace she made and she decided not to stop at one. Each piece is hand made and one of a kind. She uses vintage and recycled materials as well as some not so traditional items such as door knockers, brooches and scabble pieces just to name a few. This means that her necklaces are incredibly unique.

Here is the designer wearing a piece from her Feather collection.

Neon collection.

Leather Collection

From the Clusters collection made of recycled silver coloured chains and charms

I love that each piece is unique and one of a kind. The idea that you wont run into anyone with the same necklace makes me love it just that much more. These are definitely statement pieces and I'm sure once you wear one everyone you meet will ask "where did you get your necklace". These pieces are some of my favourites but, each piece is so unique and spectacular I'm not sure how I can choose just one.

Check out Micha's website Micha Design for more pieces.

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  1. Really nice!

  2. Love these! so unique! definitely would add flare to an outfit!

  3. These are really interesting pieces! I like the cluster one and the feather one best.


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