Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sang A Large River

It's no secret that I love bags. I spend hours online drooling over bags that I think are to die for. When I recently discovered Sang A's designs I just knew I would love her. Why? Because she is Korean, because she uses exotic skins and because her bags are just downright fabulous! Korea is place that is very dear to me. I lived there for a number of years as soon as I graduated from university. Since leaving Korea I find myself missing just about everything about the country the good and the bad! I miss summers on Haeundae Beach. I miss eating spicy chicken and beef stews. I miss old ladys yelling at me because I'm wearing a tank top. I miss seeing grown men passed out drunk on the sidewalk. I miss being told I have a small face. I miss korean pizza. I miss hiking. I miss random trips to Seoul. Wait a minute. This is a fashion blog not a Korea blog. Let's move on. Basically, I miss korea and I LOVE Sang A Bags. And so will you.

Large River in Violet Natural Ostrich
Large River in Deep Blue Leather

I absolutely LOVE this Large River bag. These two colours are my favourites. I'm not afraid of colour and this violet and deep blue are sure to stand out in a crowd. The bag is big enough for a laptop, books and whatever else you carry in your bag. Mine is always weighed down so I really appreciate a big bag. I love the gold detailing on the straps as well as the gold square detail on the zipper. Basically, I am in love.

What do you think?

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