Thursday, March 18, 2010

PS1 Vs. Joie Pepper Leather Messenger Bag

Is it just me or is this Joie Messenger Bag a total rip off of the PS1? They are so similar that it is hard to argue that one was not inspired by the other. While I don't know the dates when each was released I would bet that the Joie was inspired by the PS1. As you all know I tend to lust after bags. In particular bags I cannot afford. It is a problem. While it is nice to have a more affordable option (relatively speaking) to a totally overpriced bag I don't like the idea that I would basically be carrying a knock off. Many of us fashion lovers see fashion as art and it seems a bit wrong that you can copy someones idea, tweek it a bit and then call it your own.

Joie Pepper Leather Messenger Bag

What do you think?

Joie Pepper Leather Messenger Bag available through Saks 5th Avenue $495

PS1 available through $1595-$14500



  1. You are right they are pretty similar!

  2. Thank you for your comment!
    I think both bags are amazing, but I still prefer the PS1. Did you see my post (time ago)?
    I think we have similar taste in bags... heheh
    Nice post!

  3. ohh I cannpt even think about the Ps1... though lately i've been on more of a shoe kick. hmm, weird how that happens.

  4. i LOVE messenger bags. so chic.

  5. that's coool but too much.. I think I would never buy one of these..even if I had the money to do it.

  6. I think I will invest in a white bag this summer...maybe love it..


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