Thursday, April 22, 2010

7 For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Slimmer Jeans

Am I crazy for liking these jeans? For some reason I love coloured jeans and this gorgeous mint is so bright and fun I just want to swipe my credit card. I won't thought, don't worry. I think they would make the perfect casual spring/summer look. I would wear them with a white tank or tee and a flip flops. Add a necklace or some bangles for a little fun and you are good to go.

What do you think?

You can buy them through for $189



  1. I don't think I could pull these off--I could never make them look grown up. Not to mention this color would look horrible against my skin. However, with her tan (AND THOSE SHOES!!!) they look awesome and I really like the destroyed look.

  2. Yep, I'm feelin' them too... not sure why.


    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  3. i sell these at work, tried them on and WANT THEM!!
    Rianna xxxxx

  4. they're so fun!! i think you should get them. so perfect for spring & summer!!

  5. Great colour - but I'm not sure that a lot of figures could pull this off, you'd have to be really slender in the legs as the colour will make it the focal point on your body.

    Regardless, I love them, lol

  6. I just love bright jeans! A bit difficult for me to wear but still amazing!

  7. I found some of these at Uniqlo for £19.99 and I love em.

  8. ehh, i don't know. i mean, coming from someone whose main uniform is crotch length dresses + baggy button ups, i don't know that my style advice is too sound, but i'm just not feeling it... maybe if the mint was a little stronger? too non committal. go big or go home i say!

  9. gorgeous colored skinnies !
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  10. in love with those jeans i have my eyes on some pink ones from Toppy Shoppy xxxxx


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