Friday, April 2, 2010

Marina Makaron Moscow: Goth Bast Flower

Ever since I received my first Marina Makaron Moscow scarf last month I have been a little bit obsessed with it. My birthday is ONLY 5 months away and I already know exactly what I'm asking for. A Marina Makaron Moscow scarf of course. I am sure you are rolling your eyes. Who plans 5 months in advance? Me! Marina's scarves are totally luxurious and will add a great pop of colour and fun to your wardrobe. The one on top of my wish list changes almost daily but today I am loving Goth Bast Flower. I love the red and green set against the black and the whimsical print. It is guaranteed to add a bit of fun to your day.

What do you think?

You can buy it through for $165



  1. pretty! i hope you get it for your birthday :)

  2. Marina stuff is so pretty!! I was on her site a while ago looking and peeking around. {wink} U are too funny "who plans 5 months in" your not the only one! My b-day is Jan. and I am already planning for a


  3. hah, that is quite a bit ahead... i dont think ive ever thought two weeks ahead! unless it was to rationalize shoes. then totally.

  4. super lovely! the color and the pattern are so perfect! and you right it can absolutely bring a fun to our day! I hope you get it on your birthday!

  5. hehe..I thought I was the only one ..:)

  6. Thank you guys for warm words! Hope all of your Birthday wishes come true, xoxo


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