Saturday, May 29, 2010

Look of the Week: Long Weekend

Madison Marcus Cropped Button Tank $210
Forever21 Bright Floral Skirt $14.80
Sigerson Morrison Multi-Strap Suede Sandals $395
A.J Morgan Women's Sunglasses $12.99
Miu Miu Bag $1839
Roberto Cavalli Serpent Brass Bracelet $615


  1. Love the serpent bracelet and the floral skirt...perfect for the weekend.:)SarahD

  2. Unfortunately not great for this weekend as it's currently raining boo!
    I do love the floral skirt and the top.

  3. This is such a great weekend look! The skirt is so perfect for this time of the year.

  4. If you're wearing that outfit, you;re having fun- it's so cute!

  5. like your taste :D nice blog !

    I'm a fashion photographer.
    visit to see my archive on my blog.
    you will love them :D

  6. Hey lovely- i'll take the bag bracelet and double button tank any day of the week! So gorgeous- always fun to complie these collections!xxxx

    fashion clocked blog
    would be cool for you to drop by.

  7. Fabulous look... the bag and the shoes and the skirt and the top... I love them all. xoxo

  8. definetly a great summer look! great eye. ive developped an addiction to floralss right now, and i'm completly IN LOVE with tank as well, $210??? though, i'd love to try and sew my own haha

  9. Lovely blog darling, and especially these pickings, HOW covetable is that Miu Miu bag?!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. I love that cuff! Exactly what I want right now.
    I like the gold accents in this outfit!

  11. Love the flower printed seem to be everywhere these days..and love the bracelet too..:)

    Great blog!!!


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