Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twinkle by Wenlan Double Tree Dress

I love this dress. There is something so summery and fantastic about the gorgeous purple print. I love the way it is cinched in at the waist. It is pretty and edgy at the same time and could also be casual or dressy depending on how you accessorize. I think this dress would perfect for hot summer days shopping downtown with my friends. Too bad I don't get to experience summer in my city. Lucky for me I will be home for 3 weeks in July and I would love to be wearing this dress while I desperately try and catch up on all the shopping I've missed while living in South America.

What do you think?

You can buy it through ShopBop.com 30% off right now for $292.60

Photo: shopbop.com


  1. in love with that dress xxxx

  2. Oooh, pretty color and very interesting neckline and back detail.

    Melanie @Unravelled Threads
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  3. SUCH a cute dress - I see someone like Joy Bryant in it. Love it!! :D

  4. this dress is great for the summer!

  5. isabel, why must you tempt me with these just out of reach pieces?

  6. The dress is the perfect mix of beach cool and city slick. Beautiful!

  7. This dress reminds me of summer at the French Riviera. It is ideal for a day at the beach and for drinks thereafter.

  8. Beautiful dress... I love the double-strap with the t-strap at the back. And the draped silhouette is gorgeous!

  9. i really like the floral print and the back detail!


  10. I love your style! amazing!




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