Monday, June 21, 2010

Girl of the Blogosphere: Kirsty

Name: Kirsty
City: South East England
Occupation: Journalist

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Carrie Bradshaw - I watch re-runs of Sex and the City all the time to see what she's wearing.

Where is your favourite place to shop?
Ah TopShop never fails me! and H&M is right at the top of the list, it has everything a girl could ever want.

What is your current favourite fashion trend?
Clogs - I'm looking forward to the clog booties coming out in the Fall - cloggies?

What is the current trend you dislike the most?
I don't hate anything, however there are some things I just wouldn't try because I know I couldn't pull it off!

Why did you start your blog?
I saw an article in ASOS magazine about Rumi from Fashion Toast last year. It was the first time I had heard of a fashion blog. It opened me up to a whole new world. I scrapbook anyway, so I thought I would start my own blog to share with like minded people.

How would you describe your style?
I'm not sure I can. It's a bit of everything and really changes daily depending on my mood and the weather.

What is one thing you are dying to buy this summer?
I need to get my hands on a Mulberry bag STAT! oh and Carvela wooden heels - maybe I should start playing the lottery?

What is the most expensive thing you have bought?
My Louis Vuitton speedy. I love it and I've had it for nearly four years.

What is the least expensive thing you have bought?
A 1 pound hair band from Primark - It gave me a headache.

What is one thing that you regret buying?
Clothes that I can't be bothered to try on, then I get home and they don't fit! Annoying!

If you could meet one person from the fashion industry/ a fashion icon who would it be?
Sarah Jessica Parker, It may not be her style that I admire, but she was the body that carried all those fabulous designs!

What is your favourite vacation destination?
Los Angeles - I fell in love when I was 21 and I go back every year!

To see more of Kirsty's looks go to her blog Fashion Champagne



  1. great interview, H&M does have some fantastic buys. And haha agree with clothes that can't be bothered trying on and then later don't fit!

  2. I read her blog - it's cute! I like her last look :) LOVE H&M also - fab for picking up trend pieces you don't want to spend to much $$ on.

    In Fashion and Style

  3. i soo hear that the whole "buying somehting you couldnt bother trying on" regret. great interview!


  4. Great interview - I love her blog!

  5. Lovely girl! I'm totally with her on the eternal inspiration you can get from the SATC outfits.

  6. Great post! (just found your blog)


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