Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marina Makaron Moscow: Cirque

This is our last sneak peak of Marina Makaron Moscow's SS11 and it just so happens to be my favourite of the three. I love the mixture of shapes and the use of colour. I asked Marina of Marina Makaron Moscow what her inspiration was for Cirque and she says, "I saw large scattered shapes over empty spaces, like a village sofa, or a Hawaiian shirt...this is my take on it. LOL"

Drum Vibe

Cirqua Shroom

Drum Dee

Circa Square

These designs will be available in Marina's New York showroom starting in August.

To see more of her designs go to

Photos: Courtesy of Marina Makaron Moscow


  1. the 2nd and 3rd designs are my favourite. I would love to live in NY there's so much shows and exhibits to keep entertained

  2. Beautiful prints! I love the 2nd and 4th one the best! Stunning!

    In Fashion and Style

  3. lovely prints!
    so you're living in Colombia rite now. nice to know you Isabel :)
    I haven't seen ur face.Have you posted a self portrait of urs in one of ur posts? :)

  4. Beautiful! I love the shapes and colors as well. Some of the larger designs remind me of stained church windows.

  5. Absolutely stunning pieces!! xoxo

  6. These designs are absolutely stunning. Love the last one

  7. Love all of them..hard to pick a fav but i really like 2nd & 3rd..Nice nice nice :))

  8. these are quite cool, and very pretty!

  9. ooh, I love Drum Dee and Circa Square.SarahD


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