Monday, August 30, 2010

Girl of the Blogosphere: Carissa Vicky

Name: Carissa Vicky
City: Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation: Student

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Wow, really, if you ask me about this one, I might have to attached a list of it. I get inspired from a lot of different sources, but well, mostly it comes from the blogosphere. But to put it simple : Miroslava Duma, Annabel Ly from Blushing Ambition, and a girl name Henriette I found from The Streethearts.

What is your favourite place to shop?
Zara, and.. anywhere else where I could find a good stuff with good prices :) even eBay is listed as favorite, only if they shipped to Jakarta.

What is your current favourite fashion trend?
Well, I'm not so into what's in or what's out so I can't really answer this. I wear stuff I'm comfortable with and I don't really mind if it's a bit old-fashion, as long as I love it, it's fine with me.

What is the current trend you dislike the most?
I don't know if this is the current trend or not, but I despised leggings as pants under a tunic. Gosh! Hurts my eyes whenever I see that. Especially if it's an 3/4 leggings.

Why did you start your blog?
Because I'm an exhibitionist. LOL, okay, no. It's the same with other bloggers, you (fashion)blogwalking much and slowly but sure, that desire to start your own fashion blog will grow. So, here I am.

How would you describe your style?
Down-to-earth. I like it clean and simple without too much accessories.

What is one thing you are dying to buy this summer?
This definitely got nothing to do with summer, but I'm dying to buy a vintage Dooney & Bourke/Coach Briefcase Messenger style bag and a pair of JC, any pair will do. I'm a die-hard JC fans.

What is the most expensive thing you have bought?
A red dress, not so worth the price :/

What is the least expensive thing you have bought?
This is difficult, I didn't really keep a track on the least expensive thing I buy. Okay, I'm totally clueless. I think it's a band shirt.Maybe

What is one thing that you regret buying?
That red dress I mentioned above :'(

If you could meet one person from the fashion industry/ a fashion icon who would it be?
Karl Lagerfeld! Gosh, I adore him too much, I don't know what to say.

What is your favourite vacation destination?
Europe, especially Italy! Never been there before, but that place is oh-so-amazing. I need to go and ride on a gondola at Venice one day.

To see more of Carissa Vicky's looks go to her blog La Petit Poucet



  1. I like her! I laughed at the exhibitionist comment. LOL! And I so understand totally about the red dress. I bought one for my graduation last year. $200 I'll never get back. But it looked good on the night! Lol.

  2. haha she's cute. and I love her style too. as for dresses, I hate buying formal dresses cuz you can only wear them once or twice!

  3. Love the interview! You learn so much about so many bloggers and see different points of view.
    Adorable style!

  4. Great interview! She's really cute, and I like her style. I'm not sure I like the look of leggings under a tunic, either. Unless it's long.

  5. i love her since i met her blog before.she's had great style!
    great interview.


  6. Great interview, she's got great style ;) xoxo

  7. fun feature! I love how she pulls off cuffed, oversized denim. I haven't quite been able to make this work myself. Guess it's just not me, although I love the look!

  8. i was just checking her blog out! very good feature.xx

  9. great interview! i'll be sure to check out her blog!


  10. Love this interview!
    and i'm wearing the stripey top from topshop in your last post izzy!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  11. thanks for introducing me to her blog, she has such cute style - and great interview x

  12. Cool girl! I love that she comes up with an alternative to the ubiquitous leggings. Down with them!

  13. love her style thanks for sharing xxx

  14. Now I remembered I've been to her blog before. Such great styles.

    Thank you for your invitation to your giveaway =)

    Have a brilliant day,

  15. thanks for sharing! love her style=)



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