Monday, September 20, 2010

Girl of the Blogosphere: Highdee

Name: Highdee
City: California
Occupation: Student

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Other bloggers and people I see hopping around town

What is your favourite place to shop?
Mostly vintage and a combination of H&M, Forever 21, Zara etc. I think I go to those stores because I feel most comfortable there-- because I know I'm not burning a hole through my wallet haha.

What is your current favourite fashion trend?
The army green/olive parka jackets. I love how they pull a look together and make it seem so effortless.

What is the current trend you dislike the most?
I'm not sure if it's still 'curren't but clogs were just not my thing.

Why did you start your blog?
I think because I was really bored and wanted to express myself on a different platform. I think that's why my posts are usually not really fashion related but more about my current state of being, which is quite random at times.

How would you describe your style?
Ohh I can never answer this! I think I definitely put comfort first. I rarely ever wear heels etc. because it makes me feel uncomfortable. I play it safe a lot while I was in high school but this summer I definitely feel I've been taking more 'risks'.

What is one thing you are dying to buy this fall?
The perfect leather jacket, with the perfect fit, the perfect texture and the perfect shoulder details...

What is the most expensive thing you have bought?
This bag which was made from recycled trucks or something. It's by Freitag. It's more like industrial than feminine. I bought it in Germany.

What is the least expensive thing you have bought?
The things I get for free! I get stuff from friends and my mom's friends, because they all know I like 'weird vintage' stuff.

What is one thing that you regret buying?
So many things... It's rather pathetic. That's why I have a shop so I can get rid of some of my purchases that I never wear.

If you could meet one person from the fashion industry/ a fashion icon who would it be?
Rachel Zoe. Because she seems like such a funny person to be around.

What is your favourite vacation destination?
Italy. Berlin. Amsterdam! Or any National Park...

To see more of Highdee's looks check out her blog The Desert Fox.



  1. Cool profile. I like her individuality, expressed both through fashion and otherwise.

  2. great interview!!!
    thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! remeber that if you want to stay in touch with my blog you can follow me on bloglovin or facebook!
    xoxo from rome

  3. Cute interview with a cute girl! Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. I love your "Girl of the Blogosphere" posts and discovering new bloggers that I didn't know about. I just checked her blog, and it looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  5. She's gorgeous! What an amazing sense of style. I'm also so hoping for the perfect leather jacket this fall.
    xo Josie

  6. oh fun interview! She has a nice style. haha I agree that I regret buying a lot of things as well!

  7. great interview. I will have to check her blog out.

  8. Looks really great, great to hear from someone new!

    juliet xxx

  9. oh ms basi, youve chosen well again! love the look below too x

  10. Her style is great!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. Chic and effortless :)

    Follow my blog at

  12. She seems very down-to-earth and she's totally fashionable! Nice choice :)

    Don't forget to enter my accessories giveaway!


  13. This is such a great idea. I loved her responses and am totally going to check her out...perhaps I can sway her to the dark side of clogs. hehe


  14. So adorable!! I absolutely love her look! And of course, I'm a fellow lover of all those stores!

  15. i had never heard of her blog - but this was very interesting. definitely going to check it out.

  16. Very cool chick. I will be checking out her blog.

  17. How interesting. I am visiting her blog in a minute!

    B* a la Moda

  18. great interview! i enjoy reading blogger profiles just to get an idea of their style inspirations etc. i love how comfort is one of her main criterias...proving one can be stylish and comfy without resorting to sweatpants

  19. she's great! I love how she answered all the interview questions ;) barbiejunk

  20. Love her style!
    Fabulous interview and pics!


  21. i love them too! and i love the first outfit! the booooots<3

  22. Fringe never looked so good!! I'm gushing over that black fringe purse. I WANT IT!!

  23. loving the parka jacket trend! hopped on that band wagon so quick. love this post, it's short and cheerful info on you x


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