Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aryn K Rousseau Jungle Print Silk Dress on

I LOVE the print on this dress. I think that the colours are beautiful and it is such a fun and interesting pattern. I would love to wear this with black pumps and a little black clutch for a night out. Because the pattern is a little wild I don't think you need any jewellery but if you really want to wear some make sure you keep it very basic. I would go for some simple silver earrings and a silver bangle.

What do you think?

You can buy it through for $83



  1. Oh, wow... that really is nice. I love complex prints like this. They're like wearing art on your body.

    You find the coolest stuff!

  2. I agree! what a gorgeous & unusual print! Loves it =)

  3. I love it but I think the print would drown me...but it's so pretty!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Gorgeous print! I love the vibrant colors and the cut of the dress. I agree about the choice of jewelry.

  5. loving it! the print is fabulous!

  6. Love it! And it works for both summer and winter, yes? In the winter, perhaps pair it with black tights and leather jacket. :)


  7. Love this print, is brilliant and cute. The dress is amazing

  8. Love this print, is brilliant and cute. The dress is amazing

  9. Beautiful print :))

    LOVE minnja

  10. I like the print too--and are you keeping an eye on Kate while she's in Canada. How many times is she changing?? And into what?? Neeeeeeds to know.

    Happy Canada Day!

  11. I love the pattern on this dress, and I also love that it has sleeves! You hardly see very many dresses with sleeves, and I think it makes such a unique touch!

  12. Oh, I LOVE the print! I don't think I've been wearing anything without prints or laces this summer, I'm hooked on the "boho-chic"-style!



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