Friday, July 8, 2011

This Week in iPhone Photos

I actually took this photo a few weeks ago but I wore the exact same dress yesterday

This needs no explanation

For the expat Canadians, Chalet Sauce!

I finally found a white frame for my Keep Calm post card. Note the books to the left. When I said I was royally obsessed I wasn't joking.

Everyone LOVES Marineland! (do yourself a favour and watch this commercial circa 1998)

Beluga in Arctic Cove

Childhood memories

My awesome friend Lauren sent me the most amazing package

Do you think Kate would wear this colour? LOL



  1. That's a really pretty dress. The bright color is fabulous.

  2. Marineland!!!! And I love the blue dress - how pretty.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. You look great in that dress - it's such a beautiful color on you. I did see the other nail color Kate wore to her wedding (by Bourjois), which I almost bought. That Harry postcard is too funny...

  4. What a wonderful week! I love that dress on you, and that nail polish sign is still cracking me up!

  5. The dress is amazing.
    I love the sign by the nail polish.
    Even more than that, I love your Royal obsession. It's awesome.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I love the blue color!! It's pretty:) u look cute on that dress

  7. thats pretty bright dress!!!!....
    and the beluga's so cute!!!!

  8. The dress is gorgeous! I love it! And the post card is awesome :)

  9. Loving that dress and the 2nd picture. Well. That is just brilliant. :)SarahD

  10. That's such a pretty dress! Through these photos, I guess it's safe to say that your week was so much more interesting than mine :(


  11. Picture of girl in a picture - very neatly done! I remember that 'Keep calm.. ' poster going around the office the weekend of the Royal Wedding

  12. That dress is sooo pretty on you! How funny is that nail polish color - "dating a royal" hahaha

  13. I adore the blue dress. As for the nail polish, I think Kate would wear that shade. She does wear a lot of navy/other blue through her clothing. Her nails lately have been rather nude though I believe.

    Megan Joy

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