Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Korea Years: One

Sometimes I get frustrated because I'm still in school and I'm interning. If I had gone back to school right after I graduated from university I wouldn't be a poor student at the moment. If I had gone right back into another program, however, I never would have had the experience of a life time, living in South Korea. I thought I would share some photos from the time I spent living in their with all of you even though it is not remotely fashion related. 
Downtown Daegu and my neighbourhood Jisan-Dong
Jisan, Everland (theme park), and water sports in Andong.
Busan's Haeundae Beach by day and night

A weekend in the mountains that involved BBQing, sleeping in a cupboard (not really), a giant pot of shrimp (that arrived by mail - not joking) that was eaten by one person (not me)...
... and some hiking of course

   My  81s18th 23rd birthday

My hair transformation in the first year

A tradition of sorts. Posing for my coworker Susan's photos with silly things- goggles, carrot, pulled pork sandwich, shoes, hair pin, and a gift for our departing manager.

 Saying goodbye to my students was bitter sweet.


  1. Such an amazing experience! I think it was well worth waiting to go to school :)

  2. I'm still tempted to go myself...but I seriously think I'm too set in my ways here to ever go on such an adventure.

  3. You were able to experience something that not many people get to. Be happy for that :)

  4. This is truly a life-changing experience, and even if it set you back career-wise, I'd argue it was well worth it!

  5. This must have been a life-expanding experience for you. The pictures are great.


    I want to go back so bad. This really makes me want to take time off to teach abroad after college--which is something I'm thinking of a lot. Especially in Korea.


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