Friday, June 29, 2012

La Carnita Taqueria

Last week I met up with some friends for dinner at La Carnita Taqueria which is apparently a food truck turned restaurant. My friend Vanessa insisted that I blog about the meal so that's what I'm doing.
I will preface this with saying I tend to be a Mexican food snob and I'm a firm believer that the only place you can get good Mexican is in Mexico.  
I ate the Chiles Rellenos and they were good but they weren't chiles rellenos. They should have called them spicy cheese sticks. I thought because they had Oaxaca cheese listed as an ingredient it would be semi authentic but it wasn't :( I also had the Crispy Avocado and Frijoles Taco which was delicious. This one passed the test.

And since this is not a food blog that is all I'm going to say. 


  1. I did have to read this right before lunch, didn't I? Now all I want is good Mexican food! That taco looks delicious!

  2. Im sure it tasted better than anything we have in my town. The Mexican food here tastes like poo.

  3. Ah, Mexican food–it can be so hit or miss, sometimes even in Mexico!

  4. yuuuuuum! there is no good mexican in the UK apart from maybe chilango xx


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