Thursday, June 28, 2012

Revlon Carbonite Nail Polish

It took me a while to get into metallic nail colours but after a few purchases last summer while I was in NYC I sort of fell for all things metallic. This is obviously not a summery colour but I like it anyway. I think it's a great way to add some fun to your nails while still being neutral. 

What do you think?


  1. Oooh, I really, really like it!

    Courtney ~

  2. I like this color! It's not exactly silver, but not exactly grey! Looks very nice!

  3. I like it. It's nice to go with neutrals sometimes.

  4. It's definitely fun! I've been wearing some new metallic shades I've been developing in a water based formula. I've been wearing a gold one for a few weeks now :)

  5. love that color! i have a similar one.


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