Monday, July 9, 2012

The Korea Years: Thailand

In April of 2008 I booked a week off of work and headed to Thailand. After a four hour bus ride to Incheon Airport and three flights I landed in Phuket. I hadn't had a proper beach vacation in years and couldn't wait to relax on the beach. 
The beautiful views of Patong Beach and a reminder of the tragedy that had taken place 4 years prior. 
 A day trip to Koh Phi Phi started out with a storm but I arrived to sunny skies! Koh Phi Phi is famous for being the beach setting from the movie The Beach (remember the shark scene?)

I always stayed on the beach long enough to enjoy the sunset. It was the perfect way to end the day. 
 After a few days of beach bumming I headed to Bangkok for some site seeing. A trip to the Grand Palace was definitely in order but apparently my tank top was not appropriate temple attire and I was forced to wear the mint shirt (I had to pay a rental fee for a shirt worn by a zillion other people ).
The trip ended off with walks around the city and delicious food. I also happened to be there for Songkran (Thai new year) and happily took part in the festivities which included a day long water fight in the streets. 

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