Monday, July 23, 2012

The Korea Years: Two

In January of 2009 I headed back to Korea after Christmas vacation at home and started my second year of teaching in Daegu. I moved to a new neighbourhood and started teaching at a new school and I didn't think year two could top year one but it turned out to be just as much fun!
Isabel Teacher! (as my students called me) I also earned the nickname Scarf Teacher by frequently wearing scarves (oh, children).

Deagu is surrounded by mountains and I took advantage of the beautiful scenery and hiked often. This is Daegu from Apsan mountain. 

My coworkers and I headed out to country side for a day of wandering around a temple and BBQing. 

 My street in Sangin-Dong and one of my favourite dishes, duk bokki.

 A trip to the seafood market proved to be very interesting. There are a lot of things you can eat that I had never seen before. One of my friends will eat pretty much anything and was offered a "sample" straight out of the bucket (yum!). After a trip to the seafood market a clam BBQ seemed like a good idea. And it was delicious. 

On a trip to Seoul I decided I should visit The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) on the border with North Korea. I'm technically standing on North Korean soil in the first photo (I've been in North Korea!) and the other two are shots of the border and a North Korean soldier checking out all the foreigners. 
 The summers are extremely hot and humid in Daegu so leaving the city for one of the many islands to the south makes for a perfect weekend. This trip was to an island called Bijindo. We failed to research properly and did not realize that there was literally not ONE restaurant on the island and only one small convenience store. We managed to stuff ramyeon and chips into our bags at the ferry terminal and most definitely ate ramyeon for breakfast the next morning (mmm kimchi ramyeon at 9am). Thankfully the owner of the minbak ( hotel with no beds. you sleep on mats laid out on the floor.  once i stayed in a minbak with 25 other girls which was really NOT fun) we were staying in had his sister cook us dinner so we managed not to starve. 

Another summer trip to see the Boseong tea fields and the beautiful Korean countryside. 
A friend came to visit from Busan for the weekend and we spent the evening duck boating on Suseong Lake. The perfect way for two twenty-something year olds to spend a few hours. 

My coworkers and I decided to head to Woobong Tower Land for a day of fun on some rides. I also seem to have perfected my posing. 

Just as I was planning my departure H1N1 (pig flu) hit the news. Everyone was afraid of catching it and we were all forced to wear totally awesome masks while teaching.  

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