Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

On Friday night I babysat for a family that lives nearby and the mother ended up coming home at 4:30AM. So basically Saturday was a right off. I spent the morning wishing I could sleep more and the afternoon seriously ANGRY at my roommate. She decided to have a photo shoot in our living room complete with giant professional lighting units and tripods without telling me. We live in a one bedroom plus sunroom apartment and my room is the sunroom. It is very small and has a glass sliding door that separates me from the living room. I could hear a ton of noise so I got up and opened the door and was in utter shock. All of the furniture (and she's kind of a hoarder so it's a lot of stuff) had been pushed towards my bedroom door and they had set up lighting units. 

Shocked and slightly angry our conversation went like this:

Me: What are you doing?!
Roommate: Oh, were having a photo shoot.
Me: uhhhhhhhhhh.
Roommate: Are you having guests over?
Me: No.
Roommate: Are you going to be here?
Me: Yes.
Roommate: Oh, well I hope we aren't too noisy!
M:...........(WHAT. THE. EFF)

I actually couldn't go in and out of my room because there was no room to walk so every time I left my room they had to stop what they were doing and move things (Who does something like that without telling their roommate?!
 So when Vanessa called asking me to go for a walk I was more than happy to leave my not so lovely apartment. We walked to Korea Town where I spotted the funniest card. Can someone please send me a Happy Virus card? (I'm pretty sure it would make me laugh.) We also stopped at a book store where I found one of my favourite childhood books for a whopping $2.99 so I had to buy it. Has anyone read On Stage, Please by Veronica Tennant? Vanessa also managed to cheer me up with an early birthday gift. (Of course the september issue of Vogue would make me happier!) And finally on Sunday morning I decided to make a list off all the things my roommate does to piss me off. I haven't decided on delivery but clearly we need to have a SERIOUS conversation otherwise I'm going to lose my mind. 


  1. nice stuff! great blog, maybe you like to follow each other? I follow you for sure!

  2. Woah, sounds like quite an annoying weekend, minus the walk. I hate roommates sometimes. (except my current roommate because we're best friends, ha ha) But in college I wasn't too fond of my roomies

  3. That was rude of her. Sorry, buddy. A talk about what you expect from her would probably be smart; otherwise, she'll keep doing this.

  4. Holy crap Isabel! Is this the roomate from hell or what?! GROSS list, for realz, that sucks. Does she know about your blog?? LOL.

    Soooo weird about the photoshoot :( I feel for you. It's hard living with roomates/people.

    BIG HUG.

  5. that vogue cover with lady gaga is fab

    You have such a lovely blog! What do you think of following each other?

    WhiteCloset Fashion Blog


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