Monday, September 3, 2012

Longchamp Le Pliage Shopper Bag {Birthday Stories}

Last monday I had dinner with some friends to celebrate my birthday. One of the challenges of being a twin is how to celebrate your birthday and I decided to have dinner with friends on my own rather than have one giant birthday dinner (but don't worry I celebrated with my twin too). One of my friends arrived carrying a Holt Renfrew bag and inside was a rather lovely surprise, a Lonchamp Le Pliage tote! I have been wanting one for months now and I can't wait to start using it as a school bag. Although I'm going to have to take better care of it than a cotton fabric tote (no putting it on the subway floor!). Once I've used it for a few months I might post a proper review but for now I love it! I also headed to Sephora to pick up my birthday present and this year it was a good one. I've always wanted to try the Fresh lip balms but at $26 a tube I am unlikely to purchase anytime soon. Add a 100 point sample (Benefit's Bella Bamba blush) and a tiny tube of mascara and you have a tiny Sephora haul. 
What do you think?


  1. The Pliage tote is a wonderful bag! I love using it for traveling and it also made a great school bag. Happy Belated Birthday! x

  2. Happy birthday! It looks like it was splendid! I have that same Longchamps bag in the same color as well as the Fresh balm. I love both!

  3. What wonderful gifts! I use a Longchamp Le Pliage for hauling my stuff to work, and it's perfect for lugging everything around!

  4. Yayy! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!! I usually just let my birthday pass, ha ha


  5. I've always wanted one! It's the perfect travel bag!

  6. 1) Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!
    2) Noooooo, I hate the Longchamp =( It's just. so. ugly! I think I'm just tired of seeing it on so many people at my school and where I work (who then gawk at the prices of leather bags at my store! What?!) But I'm sure you'll find away to make it look cute and then make me warm up to it.
    3) But really, I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday! It sounds like something I would do.


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