Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weekend Fun

On Saturday night my roommate Vanessa and I headed over to my cousins house to celebrate her birthday. I wore bright red pants and a polka dot blouse and Vanessa bravely carried a four layer cake on the subway. 
 Sadly the cake started leaning as the night wore on (I'd really like to know why?!) so we cut into it and surprise it was an ombre cake (which was super fun to make). My sister, cousin and I posed for a few photos that just so happened to be in front of a painting done by my mother. 
And then it was time to play charades. I'm acting out Fifty Shades of Grey. All it took was "book" and "four words" before someone yelled out "FIFTY SHADES OF GREY" so it definitely called for a high five. 
What did you do on Saturday night?

Photo Credit: Lilac Dreams


  1. Haha sounds like a pretty awesome night! Mine was very boring in comparison....massage from my aunt, helped her with her website and then tv XD

  2. That cake is darling, even if it did slip slide, and I love your look!

  3. What a super-cute outfit! Glad to hear you had fun.


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