Monday, May 13, 2013


 Now that summer is most definitely on its way after a very late start to spring (except for the fact that it SNOWED in Toronto yesterday) I can't help but browse the web for fun summer dresses. I have never been one to wear a maxi but I always love the way they look on others and wish I could find one that would suit my small frame. I was checking out the maxi dresses available at and came across a fun, and very beach appropriate maxi dress

Are you a maxi fan?


  1. I used to think maxis were only for tall thin girls but it was SO HOT here last summer that I decided to try one because pants were not an option in that heat and I don't wear shorts in public. I found a good one at Gap and I've found the trick is to make sure you separate it either at the waistline or right below the bust. The one you have pictured would probably need a belt to make sure there is a defined waistline otherwise it looks like a shapeless sack on us shorter girls. The one I have is a v-neck wrap style that is cinched right below the bust. It evens out my proportions and is very comfy! I just ordered Gap's drapey top maxi dress and am hoping I get a similar look. I tried on their racerback one last week but I found the top portion didn't look right with my body type.

  2. Maxis are amazing! I practically live in them during the summer.

  3. Ooh, that's really cute! :D
    I like maxis but still havent found my perfect one...

  4. Maxis are one of those things that you can't imagine working for you, so you avoid them, but when you finally try one, you're pleasantly surprised. Same with rompers.


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