Monday, August 12, 2013

The Black List: Disappointing Products

We all have products that we purchased because others said they were great and once you get your hands on them you are somewhat disappointed. I thought I would share some of the products that I just didn't work for me. I have also filmed a video to go along with this and you can what it HERE or down below. I'm pretty sure every beauty blogger loves Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation and their Stay Matte Powder. Sadly I do not. The foundation is much too dark for me even though I have the lightest shade they sell. It also doesn't sit very well on my skin and seems to settle in dry areas even though my skin isn't very dry at the moment. When it comes to the powder it somehow made my skin produce more oil (if that is even possible). I have given this a good try and I always feel more oily when I use it than when I don't. It also can leave you looking very powdering if you aren't careful applying. I definitely prefer a loose powder because they are more finely milled and blend into the skin much better.
I was talked into purchasing the Bourjois Express Eye Makeup Remover while I was in Shoppers Drug Mart and I am sorry to say it is not worth the money. It says that it removes waterproof makeup but it does a very bad job of it and I have stopped using this as it just isn't worth the effort. To go along with the makeup remover I have two mascaras that are on the black list. First up is the L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara which smudged so much I just gave up using it and second is Rimmel's The Max Volume Waterproof Mascara which I used to love but it has recently started to smudge on me (not as badly as the L'Oreal, though) so I have given up using it as well. Finally we have Deborah Lippmann's Call Me Irresponsible. I only used this once but that was enough for me. It is an incredibly watery formula and  after four coats I still had streaky nails and the colour was not opaque. It was pretty bad.

What are some products that didn't work for you?


  1. I hate disappointing products! That's why I am so hesitant to buy a lot of makeup, haha...and once I find something I generally stick to it for a long time

  2. Great post, helpful to know. I'm always disappointed by lip products because its hard to find one with long lasting colour...and eyeliners too

  3. My friend had this powder and she didn't like it, thank you for that black list :)

    All the best,

  4. I love this series. I'm not just out to shop, I want to know what to steer clear of as well. Sad to see a lot of drugstore products on the list but they are pretty hit-or-miss. Anyway, I value negative posts as they show you're pretty balanced about your opinions!

    Beauty By Telie


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