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Sludge treatment and treatment technology and equipment

Time: 2019-07-08

The next 10 years will be the golden age of China's sewage treatment market, and thousands of sewage treatment plants will be built. Each sewage treatment plant will discharge hundreds or even tens of tons of excess sludge with a moisture content of about 99.2% per day. These huge amounts of sludge will become an urgent problem in the future. Sludge treatment technology includes three aspects of sludge concentration, dewatering and drying. The existing domestic basic is sludge concentration and dewatering technology. After the sludge is concentrated and dehydrated, the general moisture content can only be reduced to about 80%, while the developed countries are gradually requiring the moisture content of the sludge to be reduced to 20%-30%. . Therefore, efficient and economical sludge treatment technologies, including dewatering and drying technologies, will have a huge market.

With the increase of sewage treatment rate, the sludge production is also increasing, and the problem of sludge disposal and disposal becomes more and more prominent.

The national urban sewage treatment plant produces about 1.8 million tons of dry sludge per year (9 million tons of water containing 80% of sludge); it is estimated that in the next five years, 5.4 million tons of dry sludge will be produced each year (80% of sludge containing 80% of water) There are less than 1/4 of the existing sludge treatment facilities in the existing sewage treatment facilities. There are not many existing sludge digesting tanks that can operate normally, and some are not running at all. In some places, sludge is discharged directly without proper treatment and disposal, causing serious secondary pollution.


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